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Originally Posted by r2wtrials View Post
I have ridden the 300 and 280 before for short periods but this was the first time i had ridden not only the 250 but also for a full event...
Brilliant about sums it up :) This bike is actually Steve's daughters who is very much smaller and lighter weight than myself but we made absolutely no adjustments whatsoever .. i just got on it and rode into the first section with no practice.
The suspension is very progressive and it never bottomed out on me all day, the bike is incredibly lightweight and very easy to trick ride but it also grips amazingly well. Don't forget i am in the UK so almost all of our events throughout the year include mud!!

I prefer a bigger cc bike and would have the 300 myself but this 250 was not short on power at all, probably perfect for 99% of us, although high altitude riders may want to go for the 280 or 300.

As Jordi Tarres is heavily involved with the design and the company you would expect it to do everything well ... and it does. I'd buy one.

I took a few photos after i had washed it ..

Thanks for the quick ride report! . Those bikes are gorgeous.

I could just gawk at that shock set-up forever.
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