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China has indicated that it will stop handing down sentences to its controversial labor camps, which allow detention without trial for up to four years. According to Chinese media, some 160,000 prisoners were held in "re-education centers" at the end of 2008.

He became an outspoken critic of labor camps after spending 15 months in one. He was sent there by police, at the age of 24, without trial or even seeing a lawyer. His crime? Criticizing the local government in Chongqing by retweeting or forwarding 100 messages containing "negative information."

film about one labor camp shows blue-suited inmates bent over their work making electrical wiring. The inmates make computer cables and headphones for MP3 players.
Ren says he worked for about 10 hours a day, during which he was not allowed to speak to fellow inmates. He seldom had a day off.

The authoritative Xinhua news agency had this to say: "No further information on the reform was available for now."

I think a few of these people called the fire marshal, but since they were in prison without trial, without ever seeing a lawyer, and busy making products for sale on the open market, their calls weren't taken.
Well I’m not saying that doesn’t happen, all I can say is from personal experience from living in Jiangsu province for two years is that I’ve seen people singing hymns in churches and no prison camps (I drove by a prison once located near a tea farm without knowing and asked one of my managers if that’s a resort….).

Then again they are probably hidden away up north or west so I’m not saying they don’t exist. But I've seen workers threaten to make bogus reports to fire marshals unless business owners paid some extra "bonus". Usually it happens when a factory looks for new workers after every Chinese new years in the big tier 1 cities and a group of migrant workers from the same village out west signs up together as a production line. Then they’ve got “bargaining power” when they can rally all their same-village friends to go on strike or beat the owners or burn their buildings down.

I’ve known competitors who at the cheering on of Walmart and other big chain customers invested in opening up new town-sized factories in the late 2007s; “build it and we will place zillions of pairs of jeans orders with you. Contract? Nah you don’t need contract, we’re a Fortune 500 company! We’re North American, you can trust our business ethics! Risks? Well, that’s part of your job to take our risks!”. Then in 2008 Walmart and other guys go “ops” and walk away, the workers demand pay, the local government who welcomed their investment in the beginning now threaten to jail them to set a public example, the bankers obviously want their umbrellas back now that it’s raining and the guy’s family goes from owning 6 high end cars and real estate in Hong Kong to bankrupt over the course of a few weeks (and I can't imagine being that second generation guy who ended a 40 year old family business that way). And the guy who jumped off a building after his toy factory unwittingly bought paint from a fraudulent lead laced paint from a guy who was supposed to be his friend? Not saying that they didn’t’ have their day in the sun when business was good but don’t think for a second that people running those factories don’t take on risks with running any kind of businesses. Usually they suffer worse fates (if they’re caught) than most North American executives (even if they’re caught) when they commit crimes.

Anyway, the world exists in shades of grey, good stuff happens with bad people and bad stuff happens with good people globally. Before they develop the mental faculties to evaluate situations on its own merit, children view things as black and white and if one apple is bad then all apples are bad. Just hope there’s more adults in the world that’s all.

And ok, this is waaaay off topic, I'm not going to respond anymore; feel free to have your own beliefs and I'll stick with my own that prison camps exists and people trying their best to make a living also exists.
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