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2012 golf tdi w/41k
6 manually selected gears

came out of a 3 series so I may be overly critical...

  • interior feels cheap
  • the seats suck for any distance driving
  • the thing squeaks and rattles bad
  • Stereo sucks
  • Integrated Bluetooth... great idea, poor execution
  • VW Nav cant find addresses that have existed for 40 years
  • Cannot disable the tc/asr to play in the snow
  • The dealers in Indianapolis want to offer the "Premium" experience, but they are as annoying as any other car dealer (ymmv)

  • 50 psi, weekend backpack and bicycle- 50 mpg all day long @ 65-70 mph
  • Roaming around the state for my job- 42 mpg driving like a yabo
  • Heated seats are awesome in this car
  • Dealer says it can tow 2000 pounds w/200 pound tongue weight... Haven't tested it yet, but curious
  • If you are on any kind of work reimbursement, this car will make you money

  • When the re-gen cycle kicks in the first few times, the smell and performance of the car will be a little funny. The fan will continue to run after the car shuts off and the car smells of burning rubber. Nothing to see here friends, but strange none the less.

If I were to do it all over again, I'd get the proper wagon because the Golf gets filled up too quickly on weekend trips and such. Also, keep a weather eye on their special financing (if you are into that kind of thing), as they offer 1.9% periodically on TDI

Good Luck
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