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So here is a running theme for me. I rode an old Hodaka Wombat in the early 90's when all my buddies were riding bikes that were new and in shape. I had one buddy who was itty bitty, we were all in middle school, but this dude was like 4'9" and weighed 85 lbs with no body fat. He was still riding a little wheel KX80 two stroke. We found a big rock and he used it as a foot stool to start my Hodaka so he could ride a big bike, and I swung a leg over this little, in my mind, 80. I was putting in first gear and i pinned. Nothing happened so I kept it there, when that sumbitch came on pipe I wen flying past my buddy with his bike on it's tail dragging my feet down the road. It was hilarious as my buddies pointed out for a long time.

Fast forward to college, now the early 00's and i had a buddy who was racing enduro on a KTM 300XC-LMNOP something or other. I took it to get some beer at a gas station. When i came back I gave my other buddy the beer and said I want to play around the bike. Next thing i know I am dragging my feet dangling from the bars while this thing wheelies across the bike yard. That thing had grunt from the moment you touched the throttle.

Only other thing was defeating a strand of barbed wire equipped with nothing but my neck propelled by a snowmobile.

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