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2 Cheap 4 a KLR
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I put off buying a bike for almost 10 years before buying one .

I was 23 when I started looking at bike and here are the reasons why I didnt get one

1 Another payment
2 More insurance and other bs
3 Evey one told me it was going to kill me , lost a friend on one a few years before, talked to him 45 seconds before he died
4 gas mileage didnt offset the added cost and shorter maintenance cycles

So the years past and other things came along ,rock crawling , marriage ,vehicles , kids ect ... but I kept looking at them time to time and about bought a V strom after sitting on it , still got the pic of it on my phone of that bike .Last July I walk into a bike shop , look at the Vstrom and KLR then notice an awkward little dual sport in the corner behind the helmet rack covered in dust and tires low in air . Find out its a super sherpa , I go home do my research find out its a good little bike , called the insurance company and find the insurance is cheap enough so I go back and buy it a week later . I was 32 , not a young guy but still below the studies average . In a prefect world I would have bought it when I was 23 but I guess its the same reason alot of guys wait until later to buy them . I would still be waiting if I HAD to have a bigger bike but I dont so Im having fun riding my little Super sherpa , I know some people think its sillly for a 225 pound man to be on a 250cc bike but screw them Im still having fun .
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