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Originally Posted by PaulGinAZ View Post
The odd thing about those failures is that from a percentage of vehicles sold perspective the HPFP failure is less than 1%. VW has done a good job of paying for the replacements even out of warranty as most failures have proven to be fuel-related.

Some of the Tdi gurus have found a way to put an inline filter on the return line that provides a way to keep the debris from flowing back into the tank and cutting the repair cost down significantly in the case of it happening.

YMMV of course.
i've not seen their particular fuel system, but in many cases you have two layers of filtration; one to the pump and one (after the pump) to the engine. if there is debris being returned to the module it's more likely that something is corroding after the module. if it's a turbine pump, it won't tolerate much in the way of contamination and will fail quickly if the filtration is breached.

guess number two - () - if there is filtration at the pump only, it's possible the brushes are chunking and ending up in bad places.
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