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Shorten Kickstand

My stock XR650L seat height was close to 37.5 inches with D606 tires mounted. To add to this, the seat is wider than a true mx bike. The riding was great but I was dropping the bike on low speed turns in technical terrain because I could not get a food down on the low side of hills.

I decided to lower the bike using an aftermarket lowering link. This dropped the seat down to about 35.5 inches. First ride at this height was great. However, the bike stands nearly 90 degrees with the kickstand down. It falls over when the wind blows. You have to actually lean the bike to the right to create enough clearance for the kickstand to go down. Its a drag to wrestle with your bike just to get the kickstand down after a long day of riding.
The final straw for me was it falling over while washing. This, just from water pressure coming out of a hose while hosing it down.

Only option here was to cut an inch out of the kickstand. BTW, this will be my first welding project...
I bought a cheapo wire welder from Harborfreight and practiced for a couple weeks.

Here's a before shot of the bike standing on stock length kickstand:

Factory weld on the unmodified kickstand:

Marked 1.25 inches around the kickstand. The pad is .25 inches and I plan to cut out about an inch.

First cut, with a sawsall, off the foot.

Then, cut an inch off. (At the pencil mark.) Important to keep the cut angle parallel to the ground so that when I reattach the foot, it also sits parallel to the ground.

Grind off excess off foot material:

Test fit the newly shortened kickstand to the pad.

Put a couple tack welds to hold it in place. Rechecked to verify footpad was parallel to the floor/ground.

Welded, grinded smooth, and cleaned up with wire brush.

Painted up with a chip brush and rust inhibiting paint.

Finished product. The lean is just were I want it now.

Other notes:
The $100 cheapo wire welder worked great. I did upgrade the welding wire to Lincoln wire and got an auto-darkening helmet. I also disconnected both battery terminals before powering up the welder as a precaution.

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