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Originally Posted by moventurer View Post
Okay, I'll probably get suspended or at least be public enemy #1 around here for this but here goes...

This entire thread is ridiculous. It is not illegal, and no one cares about TELEVISION shows being torrented. Virtually every show in the developed world is available online these days. Once it is broadcast in the public domain, it is pretty much fair to trade it.

You probably have better coverage on some obscure channel by following this easter egg hunt, but if you are patient the races will be posted from a variety of sources here. The one thing in common all of these "private torrent" games have is someone harvesting emails or at least selling them to another party for exploitation. If you get tired of stupid rules, control freak puffery, and just want to watch the event, then go here:

If you want to watch virtually any television show on the face of the Earth, go here:

None of this fiasco with the secret handshakes, and hidden clubs is necessary. Every supercross, motocross, formula1, football game, etc is available on torrent sites all the time, since probably 2005... You just need a little patience and the ability to follow some simple instructions.

Freedom cannot survive with so many rules. Fvck all these rules.
For the record...

There is no harvesting of email addresses. A simple PM through the forum is all that is required.

There is no control freak puffery. There are a few guys who are working on their own time, in spite of insane work hours and family commitments to provide an EASY place for people to get access.

Personally, I do not use public trackers. Call me crazy, call me maybe. I have been on the two big private trackers for 7 years and I prefer that to TPB or anything else. Private trackers do not have open invites for all to join or we would obviously go that route. Oh and BTW, I just went to TPB and did a "Dakar" search... LOL... Nice pop up ad... and they only have SD of the first two stages... that is sooo yesterday.

Years ago when I first started doing this, we were posting torrent links directly in the forum posts. The admins asked us to kindly not do that. No problem there. I'm happy to comply, since this is not my forum.

I get PM's all the time from people asking me for a one click solution. Many people on this forum can tear down a thumper and put it all back together blindfolded. They can't find a "proxy" or use a VPN, nor do they care to invest the time to learn how. I do know how to do that so it's easy for me. We all choose to use our strengths to benefit other's weaknesses. Not that hard a concept...

If you are that oppressed, feel free to opt out. Over the past few years I have had literally hundreds of people thanking us for what we do here for two weeks every January. As long as people are appreciative, I will continue to help.

FYI, the rules are more to help with the organization than anything else... Otherwise no one would know who to ask for what or how...

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