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Originally Posted by NJ-Brett View Post
I USED to have the same issues.
I thought it was heel spurs.
I broke my ankle and asked the DR about my heel pain, and he said to get some 3/4 inserts for the shoes.
Thin foam things with a thick arch support, I forget the brand, and after wearing them a few weeks, I did not have any more pain at all.
The calf stretching helped a little, but not much.

Its all in those arch tendons....I never would have believed it, I was sure there were bone spurs or something.

I now slip the inserts in once and a while to prevent the problem.
I went for Xrays. My feet looked like pteradactyl claws, with hooks in the back and in front of the heels. Looks gruesome. But the doc said, they usually only get so bad, then stop getting worse, your shoe holds them and keeps them contained. Or I could get cut on, the podiatrist said they would cut the tendon from the muscle on my calf, and re-attach it where it isn't so tight across the heel, and would grind the spur down. Down for 1-4 months depending on how well I heal. Fuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkk that. I just wear my Danner boots, plus my doc told me to never go barefoot, which I did/do all the time, and always wear shoes where my heel is elevated. It's a pretty consistent pain, not really bad most of the time, just constant.
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