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Some of you guys are pretty far out there, somewhere.

It isn't a sport if you can't die doing it. Golf isn't a sport. Bowling isn't a sport. Both those things are what you do when your balls drop off and you can't do real shit like ride motorcycles in a very dangerous way any more. Softball isn't a sport. It's what some old pervs watch so they can check out the young lesbian chicks playing it. Same with ice skating. Just for checking crotches on the spinning girls (or guys for you so inclined guys, I'm not judging you or anything you sick bastards!).

As for the price of things, how bad do you want it? Do you want that $65,000 Ford F350 Diesel? How about that new Corvette or Cadillac CTS-V? You have to pay to play. If you are just starting, there are those little Ninja things, $3-$4-$5000, can buy you a pretty new bike. Shit, you can buy a used GSXR1000R-1ZX-10CBR1000RR or whatever, that will run a high 9/low 10 second quarter mile, that will flat smoke those cars mentioned that happen to cost $75000 or so, for $5000 or less. You don't have to buy new. Bikes aren't really that expensive, at least compared to the money we make these days vs. the money we used to make when bikes were $4000 new for the latest and greatest. The technology is awesome. And that shit doesn't come cheap.

I'd hate to see it fall by the wayside though. To me, it's the cheapest, bestest, cheap thrills you can buy. And you certainly can die doing it, so that makes it a real sport.

Are we clear now, sports?

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