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Originally Posted by Randy View Post
Yeah, me too! Funny thing is, I never had any interest in Harley's at all before.

Then, I took three weeks vacation to visit my GF in Houston. One evening while there we went through a Luby's drive-thru to get some tea and there just happened to be a H-D dealership in the adjoining parking lot and for some reason I decided to drive by. I saw a red 48 sitting out front (customers bike) and it caught me eye, so I stopped to look at it. Then I decided to park and get a closer look. We got out and looked it over, and I asked if she wanted to go in. She said, "sure". We walked in and I felt like a complete foreigner as I walked past rows of bikes that had no appeal to me. Then I saw a gold 48 just like the one above, and it was ON! I just fell in love with that bike. We were engaged by a rather nice salesman, and my excitement grew as we looked and talked about the bikes. Over the next little while my ideas about H-D just changed. The salesman told me that with a m/c endorsement on my DL and proof of m/c insurance I could take a test ride. Over the next couple of days I couldn't get the 48 out of my head so I went back a few days later and took a ride. Due to my preconceptions I fully expected to hate it. But, after a few minutes on the road I had to admit that, while different from what I was used to, I was actually enjoying it!

I wanted a new Harley!!

Long story short, with our upcoming wedding, and all of the associated expenses I knew that there was no way I could swing a new bike. So, I just put it on the back burner, thinking that one day, after the wedding, and my finances recovered, that maybe this would be my new bike. But, I did spend a lot of time online looking at 'em and researching. The 48 had became my knew bike obsession and T knew it.

I've been selling off some of my other bikes to help pay for the wedding and she knew that too. So, what does she do? A few weeks after I returned to GA, she contacted my local H-D dealership, had them locate a gold 48, and then arranged to have it delivered to me as a surprise! WOW! What a woman!

I've had it less than a week, but a funny thing has happened... I'm really starting to view Harleys differently and can definitely see myself getting another as a project bike in the future. But, yeah, there's just something about the 48 that pushed all the right buttons for me from a styling perspective.

Thanks to everyone for the compliment. I think it's a BEAUTIFUL machine too! And it's all the more beautiful because of the beautiful lady that gave it to me. I may sell other bikes, but this one has a permanent spot in my garage!
That IS a great story! Congrats and thanks for sharing. Also took me a while to want a Harley.

Finally got my first one a year ago and loving it! Ride on, Mark H.
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