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Originally Posted by kirb View Post
I don't have a small block, but the Griso hums along at around 14V once running. 15V sounds high, but not real high.

You are getting close to the output of the alt. when you start dropping the voltage below the normal charging level. I would stop when you get near 13-12.5V or you risk of dropping the voltage more and having issues.

Rizoma parts are excellent. A tad spendy, but very nice. So nice that there are China knockoffs showing up on ebay all the time.
Gotcha. I'll keep an eye on it, and maybe have the dealer take a look on first service. I'm doing everything but the valves myself -- at least the first go round. So far any loads that expect at 12V source haven't been affected by the slightly higher-than-normal output, and so long as the regulator or battery doesn't cook, no biggie. And I mimic what you mention about dropping the voltage in my normal use. I hook up various loads (heated gear, resistive circuits, etc) to any new bike I get to figure out the spare wattage from the charging system so I don't drain the battery or overstress the system.

Originally Posted by fireflyr View Post
SPEEDMETAL Billet Bar End Mirrors (web1006842)

They were $70 on sale for $38. They'll do for now. I just used the stock bar insert and bolt and they stay put just fine.

I also removed the aluminum faux covers on the intake and those cheesy plastic sparkplug wire cover thingys. I hate bling (he says polishing the chrome tank).
Mucho thanks. I'm not a fan of the antennae-like mirrors and think bar-ends really add to the style of the bike, even though the Stone doesn't have clipons and isn't cafe'd. I just don't wanna dump $130ish per mirror on Rizomas just quite yet :P

I might also remove the intake covers like you have. On the Stone they're chrome-painted plastic. A lot of stuff is plastic, actually. Saves weight and costs for sure, but can look a bit cheesy. Thankfully the plastics blend pretty well on the Stone with the painted metal/chrome parts, at least for now. I might keep the sparkplug wire covers since I like the cleaner look, but if they eventually make aftermarket metal ones I'd spring for those. Or if I keep popping them off accidentally with my cover like tonight.

Originally Posted by Penderic View Post
Mr. kamikazekyle, nice new bike you got there! Enjoy!

Your Stucchi crash bars mount differently than the bars that I have. I really like the looks of the different frame cover, mounted with two screws, just above your crash bars upper mount.

Is that cover made of metal?

My older style oem plastic frame cover is held on only with one screw, and I have been thinking of making a better secured nicer looking cover out of metal.
If I'm following you (the bit right under the steering head/frame joint?), that's a part that came with the Stucchi kit. On the Stone, there was no frame cover at all at purchase. The kit included a metal one (thin guage steel, I think), and instead of the one-piece rear bracket behind the lower screws it included two square nut mounts, like the ones that are used for the side cover screws.

Speaking of liking things, I dig your windscreen and side cases. I saw them posted earlier in the thread, but never asked about them. Been thinking of getting some sort of wind protection on my Stone for interstate travel or during winter to keep some of the cold out, but haven't looked too hard. On one hand I want to keep the bike as naked as possible as I love the look, but some sort of protection would be nice and help reduce fatigue as I do plan on touring and doing long distances on the bike.

And for anyone actually pondering a V7 and its mileage: I managed 42 MPG with 95% city and average temps around 38F, and 51 MPG with 15% city and average temps around 47F. Still dislike the overzealous reserve light coming on at like 2+ gallons left, but at least it's consistent. figure out a way to get the damn stickers off. Goo Gone and WD40 have done nothing so far.
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