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Got the Winter Blues? Come to Southern California for a Fly and Ride Adventure!

Being originally from the Midwest I know all too well what winter does to the soul when I couldn't get LOST on my bike.
What I'm offering here is an opportunity for anyone who wants escape the Madness of Winter and fly into LA with just your riding gear and go an ADVenture with me.
You can have a one on one personalized riding experience with my full attention to your having a good time.
Why go pay big bucks to eat dust and have to wait for a large group to get moving constantly on a preplanned route?...

Let me take you on the ride of your life!

Want to explore Death Valley, discover some western ghost towns, hidden cabins, abandoned mines, and random desert art or other interesting finds?
All around one of the largest and most scenic National Parks in the United States that I have intimate knowledge of, taking you places you wont find on any map or in a tourist guide book. My extensive experience means that I can lead you down roads most fitting for your skill and comfort level on a safe, enjoyable ride.

Want to ride single track trails in the nearby mountains?

How about getting LOST in the Mojave desert?

Or a scenic and relaxed ride up the Pacific Coast Highway or in the Malibu Canyons on the infamous "Snake"?

How about going to one of the many winter ADV rallies coming up?

Have an extra day while here on business? We can do day rides too, plenty of places to explore within a few hours of the city, some even closer.

Besides having intimate knowledge of the area I have 4 bikes for you to choose from, and can supply all the high quality camping gear you’ll need to be comfortable.

Each ride will be custom tailored to what kind of riding YOU want to do, no pre-planned exact routes until YOU decide what you want. I will share the proposed routes while preplanning for you to review and approve. You decide how long and what kind of riding, I'll plan the entire trip and take you to amazing places.

All street or mostly dirt, hardcore remote trails or casual street rides and anywhere in between.
We can make it as challenging or as relaxed as you'd like. Beautiful scenery with amazing roads/trails are guaranteed.

You choose if we backcountry camp in remote places you wont find on any map, seek out hidden cabins or stay in modern campgrounds with showers and amenities, or even stay in hotels if you prefer, though at your expense. Mixing it up too is OK, both in accommodations and types of bikes or riding. Want to spend two days in the dirt, then a two days street ride up the coast or in the mountain twisties? You got it.

I can pick you up from the airport and we can then ride to your chosen destination or trailer the bikes and have a base camp.
Do you have a buddy that wants to come also and want a separate fully stocked chase vehicle to meet us at each nights campsite? We can work that out too.
Want to bring your wife or kid and have passenger? NO extra charge for that, the family is welcome. I have sleeping bags that zip together available and various high quality Big Agnes tents.

From minimalist remote camping to living the good life with everything you need carried for you, we can offer it all.

What you'll get:

* One of our tricked out, well maintained bikes that's best suited for your desires, size and skill level.
These aren't run down, bone stock rental bikes, these are very loved, upgraded, ready to go bikes that have been road tested throughout North America.
All wired for heated gear, all necessary modifications to make the ride comfortable and convenient already done with fresh tires best suited for the type of riding you’ll be doing. No need to worry how you’ll fit all your stuff on a typical stock rental, I have packing down to a science on these bikes and have thought out all that can be needed to travel on them.

*High quality freshly cleaned camping gear and a large variety of motorcycle luggage to fill the needs of having your personal items, plus tent, bag, pad, cooking stuff, etc.

*A custom planned route tailored to you by an experienced guide with hundreds of thousands of miles riding experience, with attention to detail while keeping an eye on the big picture of having fun and being safe while riding. The kind of attention to detail only a small outfit as ours can offer. One on One Platinum Service based on years of experience dealing with demanding million dollar entertainment clients and accounts. While I might prefer to sleep in a tent and ride motorbikes in remote rugged places, my long professional experience in the entertainment business traveling the world over lends me unique perspective on what 1st class treatment is all about. This ride is all about YOU.

*Professional high quality photos communicating the fun and beauty of the entire adventure, you’ll not only have the memories, but unique artistic documentation of the entire journey. Hard back coffee table books, calendars, and digital slideshows are are possible to order after the adventure.

*Satellite two way text communication to/from your loved ones from any location 24/7, or buddies you want to make jealous while getting LOST in California.

*Saddle time to restore your sanity during the middle of winter in beautiful, warm Southern California.

What it will cost you for the basics:

$350 per day for my guide and photography service, a bike with all camping gear included.


$1200 for a 3 night, 4 day camping adventure.

Any adventures more than 4 days rates are negotiable as are multi-bike and a separately driven chase vehicle adventures.

Have your own bike locally and just want a guide/photographer? We can work that out too.

The Details

You pay for your own fuel for the bike, along with the fuel for the tow vehicle if you want it, food, drink and our hotels if you desire to go that route.
I will cover my own costs otherwise and will be happy to be cooking dinners at camp for us, along with assisting in setting up camp and packing away all our gear.
You will be required to fill out and sign all the typical legal documents and personal liability waivers, taking full responsibility for your actions, the bike and the gear.
I won't charge you for minor scratches that are par for the course while dirt riding, but if it's bent or cracked or needs to be replaced it's all on you. I do not offer insurance, but can provide vehicle information for you to get your own.
A $1000 security deposit will be required and refunded immediately upon the ride ending. Secure credit card processing accepted in person or though Paypal.
$200 non-refundable reservation deposit required.
You will need to have a valid MC endorsement license.

The bikes for you to choose from:

BMW R1200R


Husaberg FE570S (street legal)

Honda CRF250L (street legal)

I will have a questionnaire to fill out for your riding history.
More than anything I want you to have safe, fun time on the right bike on the right roads/trails.

I'm not offering rider training, I leave that to the professionals, but I can take you places that will challenge your (our) abilities if you're up to it, if you want the best dirt rider instructor you should sign up for a Jimmy Lewis class, something that you could tie into your trip out here.
I will however be happy to share the tips and tricks I've learned in all my travels, from changing tires to packing bikes, photography tips, etc.
I'll be happy to show you how I roll.

You could be riding in places like this next week, except you'll be IN all the photos just like this, not looking at them online trying to fend off Winter Madness!

Book now and get your sanity back...

Let's ride and get a little Lost!


PM or email me @:

finn (at)

Lost in Death Valley 2013 from Lost Rider on Vimeo.

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