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Question What's wrong with the stat's ASO'les...?

Originally Posted by too old View Post
Well that another 6 hours kip and best part of 30 pages caught up - 30 mins before leaving for work and the same on arrival sheesh - just as well the 6-8 hours period before the next special is slow, although with the special starting at the bivy maybe it's an earlier start?

Like Troys summary a lot and a masive help to all as an obligatory aid - but nothing like the real F5ing

Another wow day coming up and with a 429km special - nearly equal to SS2 and SS3 together, god only knows what is going to happen - although I feel there will be 1 or 2 on here who may be close -

Queue for Troy ------
Originally Posted by Uller View Post
From the Android App

Originally Posted by too old View Post
And not only that, straight in to a 429km special followed by a 289 km liason, the bike start on the special at 05.45 am local time! - now if he manages that there a part waiting with Sly Stone and Jason Statham (Troy SC ) in The Expendables 3

It's not really your fault old timer , but you have it arse backwards...

Can someone wander down to the ASO graphics/statistics dept. and smack some froggy up the side of the melon... this is getting beyond ridiculous...

Special stage429km429km429km429km
Number of participants
from start
have left----

The graphic profile and map overview clearly show that the special is first at 289 km, then a liason of 429 km's.

too old... hone your skills man!
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