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most young people around here make 7.25-9.00 /hr... the few 5% get lucky and make 10+/hr. if you have a full time job you're a lucky bastard.

I dont know about the rest of you guys around the U.S., but every factory wants to hire us young guys as temps for 8.00 / hr no benefits. retail wants to pay 7.60 /hr and fast food wants to pay 7.25. my college classes went up 30% this year, my books are all well over $150.. each. The cheapest apartment i found was 550 /mnth... if i paid electric and water... cheap cars out the door are over 20,000 now. Insurance for a USED car is 100/mnth + until we're 25 years old. Ive lost a lot of weight surviving on 2 dollars per day for food. haha

young people are doing college with loans they'll pay back later, buying cars with money they don't have, and borrowing money off their parents/friends to pay rent.

hard to pay for a bike when my generation is bringing home 250-400 dollars every 2 weeks. Everyone that rides around here has gray hair.

edit: oh i failed to mention, several people i graduated with never took the driver's ed class. many of them still don't drive. heck, my sister doesn't even drive and she's 22.... come to think of it, I bet 1 in 4 of my friends doesnt have a license. not because they got suspended, but because they just never bothered. it's too expensive to own a car. I bet this is happening all over the country, especially in the city.

I bet this is the worst time in U.S. history to be a young person. In 1968, when minimum wage was 1.80, gas was 25c per gallon. so, 1 hour of work could pay for 7 gallons of gas. you'd be lucky to get 2 gallons for 1 hour now... a mid grade car back then, like a chevy bel air, was around 2700 dollars. at 1.80, it took roughly 1500 hours to pay it off. today a midgrade chevy, like a malibu, around 25,000 dollars, would take roughly 3,500 hours to pay off at minimum wage.

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