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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
Okay, thanks for the graphics f5lood was just looking for them...

how do the top ten lay up tactic's today?

Chaleco leads out today, with Despres two spots back in Pos 3., but holding @ 3 min lead o/a to the Chilebean who is 2nd currently. If Despres puts a bead on Lopez in the opening 19 to 40 kms (some tough dunes)... he can track the two wheel tracks ahead, then he picks up effectively 7 minute buffer total on Chaleco and can control him from behind.

Keep an eye out you f5 WP hunters at the 39 km mark... where the moto course diverts from the auto route (remember Coma's boo boo out front in argentina a couple years back, where the course did similar... went wrong way for a bit and handed CDP the upper glove? )

There could be a degree of confusion in the 39 to 51 km sector, where it's MOTO only route (technical?) and looks like they drop off the face of the planet to rejoin the course proper!

Pål Anders Ovenwoolmittens is in third spot overall and only 5 minutes off CDP outright lead. With a start pos of 10, today he is the last of the two minute start gap riders, and if he manages his day well, is optimally placed to pick off five or six riders, which will translate to another top five stage result and strengthen his title bid. he like tough days as well... as his Swedish neighbours would say; "en seg jävel...!"

Similarly Oliver growing Pains in 4th overall on the Yamaha... has a good opportunity today to stamp his name on something, along with yamaha colleagues Casteau and Verhoven (although probably a little tender after yesterdays boulder bowling session). I Yamaha make a move today, THEY could be the ones to take it to KTM and keep the pressure on thru to rest day for remainder of week one...

Viladoms also - the hopes of husqvarna lie with their "best customer" (in 8th general classification currently 9 minutes off Cyrils lead) and Botturi in 11th only two minutes further back in overall terms.

After the intitial pummeling in the first 80 km's... things settle down (relatively speaking) from @ the 110 km mark through to CP/fuel at 233 km...

Then 12 km after the restart (fuel zones are a fifteen minute nutralization where riders only can fuel/re-water themselves... no outside service) is a BIG F5-ing uphill!!!

Then the ASS at 288 km... who will have theirs handed to them today...?

Tune in to f5 broadcasting and f5ind the f5¤% out...!

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