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I have not checked in a while but they are/were still available at SOG....IIRC they are less than $2k.

Personally I own a PSL and like it quite a bit. At 200 yards (that is as far as our club range goes out) it will put 10 in the area the size of a football shooting pretty quick, not giving the barrel a chance to cool down....they all have pretty thin barrels and tend to string after they get hot.

Always wanted a real SVD or even a Tiger worked over to look like one, but that is out of sight now. I have never fired the Yugo, but those that have them seem to like them. It is/was such a strange country....only one I know that had two battle planes, one if attacked by NATO, the other if attacked by Warsaw Pact. Tito and Franco in spain seem to be cut from the same cloth in that aspect.....Guess that is why I always look at the CETME as well.

I like the 308 quite a bit, not as harsh, crisp...whatever as the 3006, but I already have two that fire the same basic thing in 7.5 french one in a bolt gun the other in an 49/56, they are so much nicer to shoot over a Garand/1903...not as hard on my old broken shoulder...even with recoil pads. 7.5 french is basically a 308.

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I'd rather have the real Yugo M76...
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