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I also had one, an 84 750. If you have the stock exhaust, keep it. The bike will run stronger, smoother, and sound way better with the stock set-up than anything else you could put on there. Also make a VERY close inspection of the intake manifolds. They will have dried, and potentially cracked given the age of the bike. Sucking in even a tiny bit of air will affect the bike's performance. I replaced mine twice.
To be honest, I never really cared for mine much. I didn't like the handling, I found it rather twitchy.16" wheels likely why. I had just come from a GPZ 750 which with it's taller wheels and longer wheelbase was a freight train in comparison. The Honda was smoother than the GPZ, which is really saying something. I also tried slightly lower handlebars getting more weight over the front which seemed to help a bit.
Don't buy cheap or shit tires. Grip is everything with this bike.
A well set-up, good running model, is about as maintenance free bike as you can get.
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