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Originally Posted by eric1514 View Post
Hi folks,

2 questions about DE stuff, if you please.

1) Is there much difference in a $20 Chinese handle vs. a $60 European or is it more of a pride-of-ownership thing?

2) When you're done shaving, do you have to open up the action on the handle to let things dry or will everything be OK if it just sits out on the counter?

My take is that some Merkurs (like the ones most of us start with such as the 23c) are so simple, I just don't see how a Chinese handle could be worse (if it is actually used in China and other countries to shave with, as opposed to just being junk to dump on the American market).

I just about bought one in a shady dollar-type-store run by Pakistanis down here in south Florida, but never got around to it.

I leave my blade in the handle, and it does fine for up to, or over, 20 shaves. You will get build-up of shave-soap remnants on the handle that can be cleaned off between blade changes, but it's no biggie.

Part of it would depend if your bathroom stays so humid that nothing dries by the next time you use it... then I'd worry about bacteria and rust, but you'd have more problems with mold and such than just worrying about your razor at that point.

The shave brushes are the pieces of the kit that it's ideal to take care of. Rinse, shake / whip dry, and ideally hang with the bristles facing down.


This was an interesting read:
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