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Just thought I would add some "thoughts" to this thread, in generic format...

Trials boots, a cross between nice comfortable tennis shoes, and calf high boots. Used for riding at slow speeds, giving ankle/foot agility. I wear my Hebo's more than I do shoes during weekend of say, a 2 day event, they feel damn comfortable {yet warmer} than wearing my tennis shoes. they give you ankle support more than tennis shoes, more like high top basketball shoes, but nothing like MX boots do with rigid parts sewn into them. Let alone how much harder the soles and supporting parts of the motocross boot's soles are.

So, if you race down a trail and hit a rock or even say, what is left of a stump of a less than 2 inch diameter tree, at a high speed... Well, Trials BOOTS (as designed and built) offer pretty limited protection, not much more than tennis shoes. There are stories all over where guys bought trials boots, then rode a dirt bike at speeds, and hit something with their foot at speed. damn near losing toes, because trials boots are so soft.

BUT, That is the part of the trade off or "compromise" we've more or less, over the many years of buying the Trials Purposed Boots... and loving them. Braking and stuff is done with far more intense "feel" required, that is the norm for trials... I need a boot that not only allows me to flex around on the pegs, but also flexes so when I put my foot out to catch me on a 4+ foot high obstacle, I can get a good foot hold, and have reasonable grip, I argue the grip is better than my tennis shoes, and better than any general purpose boot you buy at say, some farm store, 100 times better than those hard rubber soled MX type boots for "speed".

You dont see rock climbers adopting MX boots, or farm store boots, nor trials boots, to climb rock faces... they use what look to me like Ballet slippers... But I bet you if you could get them to try all 3 types, they'd pick the trials boot... I know, they dont plan to survive a collision with a rock at anything above snails pace either, while rock climbing. I mean when they hit Terminal Velocity, last thing I think they worry about is if the shoes they wore are going to allow that ledge or tree branch penetrate the soles, or ankle stability.

As apposed to motocross/racing/plain old dirt-biking at speeds, the norm is and always will be, is to compromise the braking feel, with a lot more protection.

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