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Yeah, but it's best for guys just getting into it to ignore the adjustables if they want to save money. Standard DE handles served, and still serve millions (all together, billions?) of men.

Unless something was really, really unusual about the top of the handle-head's height that would make the overall angle crazy, any user will automatically adjust the angle and pressure of the razor based on what works. While a science, it isn't a complex one here.

Keep in mind that while DE razors limit angles for perhaps an easier shave or angle-reference, people still shave with straight razors just fine... it's about the angle you get used to applying for each shaving device. So even if Chinese ones are different than a Merkur, as long as the blade is exposed and as long as it is a stable and tight platform, shaving with one won't be that much different.

I'm sure there are really bad Chinese designs... maybe ones that don't easily allow cut beard hairs to flow out? But I'd also bet those are more rare.

I just read a review of one, however, that may be a scam... Apparently someone bought a cheapie new razor handle from ebay and found the entire handle was chrome-covered plastic that didn't last one shave. Yeah, that would be bad.

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