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Contact Jim Davis at Advanced Cycle Service - I had a Ducati 900ss and he noticed that the rim was bent (worse than your's by the look of it) and he knew of a company that could repair it for me. It came back perfect.

- Hans

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Hi all,

A while back I made a minor dent in the front rim of my DL650. I hit a rock at some speed, going off road at Hollister, CA. I don't have any pictures on hand (will take them), but I found this very similar image somewhere else:

You can feel a flat spot when you run your hand along the inside of the rim.

I've been riding on it for about 2 months now, mostly hops around town, one 100 mile stretch. But I've started to get worried. The bike doesn't feel noticeably different, but obviously the rim isn't the way it's supposed to be. Of course, I have 4 options:

1. Don't worry about it, maybe rebalance the wheel but leave the dent.
2. Buy a new $500 rim.
3. Try and whack the rim back myself with a block of wood and a hammer.
4. Send it to a wheel repair shop to get fixed.

I'm obviously concerned with the rim/tire failing at high speed, but I don't know how bad of a dent this is. If I have to go for option 4, are there any rim shops in the San Francisco bay area that can do this for me for a reasonable price without me having to send the rim in?
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