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Mirrored Ride Reports on ADV/HUBB & Blogger/Blogspot (Tutorial)

i've been struggling with the tedium of posting mirrored reports from ADV/HUBB over to Blogger/Blogspot - which i decided after some research was the easiest place to do a stand-alone blog. as many of you know, ADV to HUBB is easy - just copy and paste the "code" from the edit/compose page and plop it in the other edit/compose page. but this was not working from ADV/HUBB to Blogger/Blogspot. the html code was scrambling, the photo/video links were breaking, and i was a general pain in the ass.

(incidentally, i use Flickr to host my photos, and YouTube to host my videos. it's been working great. Flickr does charge $25.00/year to host any photo count over 200, so be aware you are locking yourself into that.)

i was talking about this annoyance with fletch, crested butte-rtw (ADV), and he figured out a solution by accident in the last year of his blogging. he is now my hero, because he has saved me and possibly many more who read this, the pain of re-doing every ADV/HUBB entry on Blogger/Blogspot. thank you fletch.

so it's actually really simple. too simple:

1. after you publish your entry on ADV or HUBB, just select and (copy) the text and photos from the actual public view page:

adv select by porkandcorn, on Flickr

2. then, in your Blogger/Blogspot edit/compose page, just freaking paste it in there.

3. if you use the Asylum 2.0 page layout (the black one) like i do on ADV, it will make the text white and the background black when you paste into Blogger/Blogspot. to correct this, simply select the entire post in Blogger/Blogspot and use the text and background menu drop-downs to change the background to white, and the text to black.

blogger select by porkandcorn, on Flickr

4. you're done. might be a couple of spacing issues to fine tune, but it's a hell of a lot easier than doing it from scratch. it will probably work on other blog platforms like Tumblr, etc.

everyone who has been struggling with this like i have, owes fletch a beer.

blogger page by porkandcorn, on Flickr
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