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Originally Posted by macorell24 View Post
While in Eagle Rock, VA visiting my family, I asked around for some off road ideas. My father recommended Patterson Creek trail through Jefferson National Forest. It's roughly 15 miles of woods, dirt, and streams but the best part is there's 10 or so ATV/motorcycle only trails . AND it's only 15 minutes from my father's house!

Patterson Creek in a larger map

Hey, we're practically neighbors to your family in Eagle Rock! We live near Collierstown, VA. We ride, drive, hike, and kayak in the Eagle Rock area all the time. One of our favorite hiking trails is off 612 along that stretch shown in your map above, and the James River in that area is a HOOT in a kayak (well, for this novice, anyway )! From Eagle Rock head toward Buchannan about 3 - 4 miles on Hwy 43 "Narrow Passage Road" you'll come to Route 612 "Blue Grass Trail", which is dirt for about 10 miles then turns to asphalt which progressively gets better as you approach Effinger and Hwy 251. We're about 5 miles from Effinger, near Lake Robertson. There are lots of great roads out here, but like you, I'm not terribly excited about taking my 550 pound 1150GS on those ATV trails. There's another set of ATV trails just off the BRP where it crosses Hwy 130 (just up the BRP from where it crosses the James) and I've scoped those out as well, but am not inclined to take the Big Pig up there either.

We've gotten some snow recently, but it's mostly melted off at lower elevations. We tried to go hiking on the AT last weekend (New Year's eve) near Mount Pleasant (near Buena Vista, just off the BRP) but it was a sheet of ice at elevation:

We chained up the truck to get up and down, and ended up rescuing a guy in a 4X4 Subaru who was sliding off the mountain sideways. It was SLICK.

The BRP was closed so we thought we'd go walk there, but it was a sheet of ice too. I'm not sure if it's open again yet.

I've been able to ride the higher dirt roads a bit in Winter, but won't get too crazy on the GS; time to turn around:

I lived in Wyoming for many years before moving to Virginia and got spoiled rotten with the dirt riding selection out there. When I moved here I sold my dirt bikes (thinking there wouldn't be anyplace to ride them, DUH) and now I'm really missing them. I brought a BMW RT and the GS and a short time later sold the RT because it just wasn't getting ridden. The big GS-type dualsport seems to be the perfect bike for this area with it's mix of dirt roads, ratty asphalt, and good highways. I recently told my wife I had my eye on a WR250R so I could go trail riding and she said "over my dead body". She's seen me ride a dirt bike and I think that means "no, dear, you'd kill yourself in short order on that thing". She loves to ride with me, but isn't keen on going fast on dirt bikes (I told her I'd ride S-L-O-W but she knows me pretty well ).

If you're down this way visiting sometime give me a shout and I'd enjoy showing you around a bit. Ride safe and watch for all that ferking sand on the roads; we've gotten just enough snow in the lower elevations out here that VDOT has blasted the area with sand and salt so that the roads are totally treacherous!

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