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I had a TE250 that I bought as a dirt bike I could ride to the trails and ended up trading it for a WR250R. The TE is definitely a great trail bike and has more power than the WRR but it is miserable to ride on the road. The engine screams at about 10,000 RPMs at 80-90 km/hr. I felt like I was going to ruin the engine riding at sustained highway speeds so I got a trailer and towed it to the trails. Every 1-2 rides I'd have to change the oil and filter, remove and clean 2 additional metal oil filters and clean the air filter. I realized I wasn't riding it as much as I could have, because of all the hassle of loading and unloading it from the trailer and then the maintenance when I was done for the day.
When I got the WR I was initially disappointed with the decreased power but I'm used to it now and very happy with it. The odd thing is that I ride a lot faster on the WRR than I did on the Husky. It feels very balanced and seems to stay upright on the trails in places where I would have dropped the Husky. Maybe it's the low center of gravity. Anyways I love this bike and much prefer it over my TE250.
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