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Originally Posted by Dirtdeville View Post
I am also interested in any information you find but I'm a little confused by your post.Are you changing the rear brake size without changing the hub?I bought a TTR225 hub because it has a bigger brake and is ten times thicker in most places-it's still a weak cast aluminum however.I know in advance that I need shorter spokes because the hub itself is larger and I'm getting new rims as well.You said something about the front fitting the rear which really confused me.Here is a link of someone who put a huge disc on the front of a a TW200 if that interests you.
TW's had drums on both ends until 2001. Mine has a later model disc up front and drum rear. The front is adequate (sorta), but in the rear we have twice the rubber on the ground as an XT and bringing it to a halt is even more "interesting" at times.

It's apples and oranges in a way, and probably difficult to follow if you've not seen the hardware.. The TW has a steel hub and the brake drum bolts to it rather than being integral to the hub.. In stock form it uses the same 110mm brakes as an XT, but swapping them is far easier since the TW setup bolts to the drum rather than being laced into i it. The larger 130mm front drum can be bolted to the rear hub, but this calls for a larger diameter backing plate.

The hardware is the same, but different. Due to Yamaha interchangability we share a lot of components of the same dimensions and in a lot of cases the parts are identical. Nearly all the backing plates for a given brake shoe size are dimensionally the same but differ in axle hole diameter and offset of the brake engagement slot.. I've ruled out the XT600 and XT350 backing plates because the holding slot is too far outboard I have four candidates left and wanted to rule the TTR in or out rather than buying all four if I can.

Sorry for taking up so much space with this. I'll return the favor if any of you guys ever need to know how many of our parts will swap with yours

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