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Originally Posted by Griffin44 View Post
Just because many cars and trucks are being stupidly bright doesn't mean that the solution is for motorcycles to go solar in their brightness.

I don't want to change "I didn't see him" to "he/she blinded me, I couldn't determine his/her distance and position properly and I killed him/her due to target fixation" personally.

I don't think relying on other motorists seeing or hearing you is the way to ensure your safety on the road.
You don't believe conspicuity helps??? You don't CARE if drivers don't see you on the road? Wow.

It's not so much ultimate brightness, it's what the lights do. They appear to move and flash. They attract attention. By your reasoning, police, fire, and ambulances shouldn't have those intense flashing lights on them, either.

Lighting is only a part of being seen on a motorcycle. There are many more factors to consider, but anything that helps cut down on the hazards is welcome as far as I'm concerned.
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