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If the Ural suits you and you suit the Ural, it is a perfect match.

I have a 2006 and love it. It quickly replaced my Honda as both my and my passenger's choice of ride.

Slow and oh so different than a 2 wheel bike.

That is my top tip to you; read everything you can about driving a sidecar, take a class if you can (even if it means going some distance to do it) and treat driving the rig with great caution until you get the feel of it.

Asymmetrical layout and weight balance make for some interesting events in turns and cambered roads. Find out about that in very controlled circumstances, not unexpectedly while carrying those most dear to you as passenger.

You may be quite a way from a dealer (don't know what the network is like in Western provinces) but if you have some mechanical skills or know someone who does, you can overcome most service and potential issues.

You can do limited off road with it (compared to an ATV) but it is in its element on back roads and mild trails.

Originally Posted by Morinite View Post
Hello folks, been a while since I've posted on Adv Rider, anyway;

I currently own and ride a 06 KLR 650. I love my bike but I've had it since it was new and wish to get something else. That being said I really like the Ural side car set up. We can get them in Canada and they run about 15K$ CDN new. (incl taxes & fully optioned) I think the concept of having a reverse gear and two wheel drive is just outstanding. I also want to ride with my little girl and dog in the side car (ATGATT of course). I also wish to do some bike camping and do some lite offroading (mostly quad trails).

After conducting a little bit of research, I found that the bike's top speed is only 90-95kph (for a 750cc??) and that the bike can have issues such as electical problems and fuel issues too. Also that that there are problems with fit and finish issues. So my questions to the group are;

1) Are these really problems or are they real world issues I should be concerned with?

2) Are there places out there that specialize (In North America) in these bikes to get the most out them without spending tons of cash?

3) Are there other side car set ups (ie hacks) that would work just as well?

Any input would be great, please excuse my ignorance about side cars and the like as I'm just a dude trying his best.

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