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My brother and I were at the BMW national a few years back heading to the beer tent for last call. We grabbed our beer and sat down to chat, on the way to the table I noticed a man hunched over wearing a well worn leather jacket with something to the effect of "globetrotter" on the back. I just knew it was Glen, but it was one of those moments when you aren't sure and don't want to be rude. I told my brother and we decided the best course of action would be to just yell out "Glen!" and see if he reacted.

We did, and he did, and we headed over to share some brew and stories. We were blown away to have the chance to share a beer with what to us is a real life Indian Jones. He is a tremendously cool and funny guy and we say hi now whenever we see him at other rallies in California.

I feel like more folks should hear about his story. Without a doubt I was inspired to learn that after all of his ordeals he wanted nothing more than to continue his journey, and get's to to this day.
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