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^^^ Vinyl dye, not only Krylon I think just about every paint manufacturer has some. So the price range varies. Autoparts had some from $8.00 to 20somethinhg a can. I settled for the $12.00 one. Haven't done it yet stuff is pretty fumey and my shop too cold. I am sure I can get the Scorbin from grey to black and keep the blue piping, I have small paint brushes.

Nothing I haven't done before, GM used to sell the Vinyl dye by the quart to the dealers and color changing an interior nothing new there, but that nowadays we may have better MEK none of them fumes are very good for them lungs/brain cells.

But having said that, my friend is a cobbler and does a lot of vinyl dyeing, ladies like to change the color of their shoes/accessories sometimes..... I did set him with a proper exhaust fan, once again watch them fumes.
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