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Looking for some advice... I currently own a DRZ400SM and love riding it as my street bike. This summer however I want to get into dirt biking as well. I thought about getting dirt wheels for the DRZ, but it really is a top heavy and big bike, and I want to be able to ride tight woods trails with my buddies on their real dirt bikes. I don't have a truck to haul a non plated dirt bike. I am completely new to dirt biking. I've also looked at the Husky TE250 but it seems like too much bike for a beginner.

Is the WR250R the right fit? Can I set it up for woods riding? Am I crazy to have a DRZ and WR in the garage???!?

Edit: The WR isn't that much lighter than the DRZ but people say it feels way lighter? It carries it weight lower? Can anyone comment who's owned both?
Thanks for the replies on this. The 'am I crazy bit' was more getting at questioning if I'm basically buying two of the same bike. But I think the WRR with some beefier tires and basic performance mods will be a good start into dirt biking for me, especially with my needs to be able to ride it on the road. I'll definitely look to test ride first... for now I'll keep watching youtube videos of guys ripping it up and dream a bit . I'll be keeping an eye out for local used ones or in Washington state or Oregon to import.
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