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Originally Posted by Valentino Magoo View Post
I leave for a few days and you guys go all oral diarrhea on took a long time to wade through it all.

Only item of interest I gleaned was from Stuckin and Arkwhiz. Somewhere I have 100-125 catfish limb lines. I used to set up a run on the White River from above Lake Sequoya (on the West Fork) all the way down to Wyman bridge. We'd set them up just before dark, and then run all the lines 2-3 more times overnight. Floating the river during a new moon (best time for cats) can be exciting, esp. when beer and pointy-headed academics are involved.

We put in on the West Fork at Mally Waggon Rd and take out at Wyman bridge. If we ever get rain and get water back into the rivers, this could be a real ADVenture.
When I was a kid running trotlines in a jon-boat with Dad, he would be first on the line taking off fish and my job was to rebait as the hook-stages went by me. It would get real exciting trying to rebait the hooks as they went by when Dad would start moving down the line faster as he felt a cat ahead on the line. I got caught by a hook more than once.
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