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Originally Posted by a1fa View Post
My understanding is, Yugo (Zastava) used better steel and built better AK-type guns than any other nation. I may be partial to it, but if you put similar guns built on the same platform from several nations, you will see the difference for yourself... CZ (Czech), and CZ (Crvena Zastava - Yugo) are probably amongst highest quality.

They are a brick, but the others work and do the job they are designed to do....engage man sized targets at ranges past the normal weapons carried by the troops.

I have fondled them before and found them to be a little less friendly feeling to the body....the psl and norinco (never even seen in the flesh a tiger or svd) felt like they are built to your body.

But I think after talking to the people that own all three they are all actually pretty darn close to eachother.
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