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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
Thanks, see something similar to the old Radio Shack one, but more clunky.

I'm going to take a fllyer on one of these for a toolkit multimeter. $9.50 shipped (from China) on Ebay:

I like that it uses AAA batteries rather than watch batteries. That was my biggest gripe with the RS one.

- Mark
As followup, I just got mine and while it is definitely a cheap/POS DMM, it works fairly well, is relatively small, and is very nicely protected with the cover on. So a good candidate for a bike toolkit DMM.

One gotcha. It ships with some cheap chinese AAA batteries which have a slightly shorter body and longer terminals, probably because this makes them $0.0001 cheaper to make since this reduces the size of the battery very slightly. As I usually do, I replaced them immediately with higher-quality batteries (Duracell) and the DMM wouldn't turn on. I finally traced it down to this slight variance in battery dimensions causing one of the batteries not to be able to spring-load up against a contact. A blob of solder on the contact to make it sit slightly more proud solved the problem.

- Mark
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