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Originally Posted by Outwardbound View Post
This entire concept has tremendous potential. I'm getting sick of small-screened overpriced GPS units. Properly set up I think a small tablet w a built in GPS may be a superior and less expensive alternative to Garmin's stranglehold on the genre. Obviously allowances have to be made for vibrations, water and other vulnerabilities, but a little resourcefulness may do the trick. And you may not have to keep shelling out for map updates.......

Watching this thread with great interest.....

Perfectly put.

I just made a quick track on google earth, emailed it to myself, then opened it up on my iphone in the google earth app. It tracked perfectly, just as quickly as my 60csx. Of course, I'm in my neighborhood and not out in the sticks. I have a cheapo ZTE tablet that I will try it on as well.

Two things, I had my 60csx set up so it adjusted the screen orientation to the direction I was heading... my iphone doesn't; at least not as far as I can figure out. And as far as I can tell the tablet hasn't tracked my movements, it just shows the same location as my start point. But, if I can figure out if the new ipad mini has GPS capabilities so that I don't have to rely on cell signal; well, I'll fuckin' pick one up tomorrow. Now that would be bad ass to have in my giant loop tank bag map pocket.
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