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Saw my Doc yesterday for my 6 week review.
Good news: Bones are healed solid and Doc wants me to start putting weight on it to start building the leg back up. I need to use a walking boot/cast. At the moment though, my ankle won't make a 90 degree angle. The muscles are locked up at about 120 to 135 degrees so I can't put the boot on. I'm doing stretches to loosen the ankle up so I can use the boot and eventually regain full range of motion. The muscles in my right leg are almost gone from not being used for so long, whereas my left leg is bulked up from supporting the majority of my weight. Muscle leg vs scrawny leg, they look kinda funny next to each other. I have another appointment in 6 weeks, which I suspect will be my last unless anything goes wrong. But I still have a ways to go yet before I'm mostly functional and of any use to anybody.

The cabin fever is driving me nuts and I can't wait to be mobile again. Whenever I can though, I am getting out to do as much riding as possible. (see below)

While I was at the Dr's office in the exam room, there was a guy in the bay right across from me. I noticed his leg x-ray displayed on his monitor. He had lower leg / ankle fractures identical to mine. We got to talking, he asked what happened to my leg, and I told him I dropped my motorcycle on it. His wife sort of laughed and said, "That's exactly what he did." The Doc that was treating him, (not my Doc) rolled his eyes, shook his head, and in a somewhat irritated voice said, "There's a lesson to be learned here about motorcycles boys. You should probably listen to it." Then he huffed and walked out of the room. I think its more a lesson in saving up and buying the most bad-ass protective gear you can, and not listening to the manufacturer telling you their useless crap is the best thing since sliced bread. Talking with the guy further, I found out his Doc has a 30 something year old son who has very nearly been killed twice on a motorcycle, so the Doc really doesn't like bikes.
Luckily for this guy, his fractures weren't as serious as mine and didn't require the installation of the high-end, guaranteed life time TSA harassment apparatus. Ie.. plates and screws. It turns out this guy was just wearing regular shoes. How the hell he got away with less damage than me is a mystery.

For anyone who's following this thread and actually gives a damn, I'll keep my progress posted from time to time until this mess is over.
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