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Originally Posted by ADKbeemer View Post
Not too far from Gerald Bulls Supergun test site, eh?
Not far at all.

Moved to the area at 10 years old, in 1979. Back then, the buildings on the US side were pretty much just as they'd been left... quickly. Still furnished, with coffee cups still on some of the desks. Weird, spooky stuff.

The gun itself was apparently on the Canadian side, but back then we didn't know it- SRI had its own border crossing inside the compound so you didn't know when you'd crossed. I never saw the gun itself, but a lot of area kids did after they closed and before it got dismantled. There's a book out there called "the Man and the Gun" or something like that, about Bull's life.

In the early 80's, if you knew where to go, you could ride a dirt bike or snowmobile up toward the end of the Long Trail and slip the fence and ride around inside the facility. When I was thirteenish another kid and I got chased out of there on our dirt bikes by "someone" and it was a long time before we ever went back in. No idea if they were cops, border patrol (very rare in those days), or what. We saw people in vehicles heading our way, and we split.

Last time I was in the compound itself was about twelve years ago, the main office building was in a pretty serious state of disrepair. Rode by there this summer, there is a fairly substantial gate there now.

Weird, crazy bizarre story. Makes you wonder how many other stories and places there are out there just like that one.
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