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Originally Posted by macorell24 View Post
Howdy Doug!

I'm planning on headed down your way sometime in the spring. If you're up for it we can let the pigs rout around in the mud one afternoon while you show we around.

Garrett- I never said you were good. I said your were crazy and fast.
Cool! By Spring, do you mean like this Sunday? Can you believe the forecast - 70 on Saturday, 68 Sunday. Unbelievable for mid-January. I'm thinking of doing a long bicycle ride... Last year we bought a bunch of hay to feed our horses and I think I threw out maybe ten bales all Winter; they turned their noses up at it and grazed green grass. I ended up giving all the hay to a friend who feeds year-round so that it didn't just go bad. We bought more hay this Fall but it's looking like it might be the same kind of Winter again this year.

Seriously, it would be great to get together later this Spring when the higher (i.e. dirt-ier) roads are open again for bike travel. There's some great country around here and I'm still exploring.

Ride safe, watch for all that sand and gravel!

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