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Originally Posted by mustangwagz View Post
I'm not mr bender, but i will speak up. Mounting points for signals would be a wise idea. Some dont use the type that mount to bolt holes, but those that do would greatly appreciate it im sure. Ive seen some ppl use the mounting holes for T/S holes, which in my opinion isnt a good idea. most of the time, the T/S mounting tube is Hollow, which is weaker as we all know, than a regular bolt. This leaves room for failure due to either Overweight items, Clipping a tree with the T/S and breaking the tube and then having a loose rack..(no one likes a loose har har) Ive also seen some T/S's come loose, then again..leads to a loose rack. Something that MAY be nice, would be T/S mounting tabs or...possibly, a way to incorporate "guards" for the T/S's..this way when we lay em down, or squeeze em through a tight spot (threading the needle) thats one less thing we need to worry about.

SO in short, will it make a good selling point, To some yes sir it will. To others, maybe not so much. Its all about the Overall strength, and rigidity of the rack. ANd just how much Banging around it'll take! lol Not to mention, the price! in this day and age, price is always a big thing, no matter who ya are!
thanks for the sound advice , blinker tabs
on the rack then use real bolts , thanks
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