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Originally Posted by Jailor8 View Post
Had a ole time, long time mechanic, show me once if ya dont replace the pads then clean em best you can with Brake cleaner, then let em dry, then he would take his cutting torch and pass it back and forth over the pads (this was on a 2 ton truck brakes) this cooked or burnt out any crap down in the cracks of the pads. After they cool off clean em again with Brake cleaner. Worked a like a champ.

As for the continued leaking, Assuming the fit of the seal in the hub is good, no knicks or gouges in the mating surfaces there and the same is true for the spindle side surfaces. Then I would ask how full are you filling the spindle/hub with grease? I assume you are just packing the bearings themselves and not packing the whole hub full of grease? If you pack the whole hub full then when it gets hot going down the road the grease will expand and it will come out past the seals or any other fault.
I dont care how good your seals are.

The above is one reason I dont use Bearing Buddies, like most boat trailers have on them. The Boy Scout gear trailer I inherited when I became scoutmaster has them (but no brakes) and they are just mess makers.

Check the wear patern the seal makes on the spindle, is it even?
As mentioned above a pit in the spindle casting is possible, I personally have never seen one.

You may certainly have a bent axle but I bet its not bent where it makes a difference in how the bearings, hub, spindle and seal is related to each other. Might be bent between the outboard side of the seal and the spring hanger or could be slipped in the spring clamps, referencing your tire wear.

Good luck

I was going to suggest the torch trick also. I too learned it from an old timer I used to work with.

I agree with everything else also, bearing buddies suck and never pack the whole hub with grease.

I dunno what kind of seal your getting from e trailer but I have had good luck using CR/SKF seals. If its what I think it is, try a CR 22558. Its a double lip version.
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