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Interesting stuff. Thanks guys for the replies.

So....with Skyhook, you have the 4 riding modes as before, but now with 3 "suspension modes" for each: Soft, Medium, and Hard. Then for each, you may (or may not? Is this confirmed yet?) have the 4 "pre-load" settings (Rider, Rider + Luggage, etc). Interesting.

Moronic, you and Oalvarez touched on a really good point. While Skyhook may not be as configurable as the Ohlins/DES setup, it's likely more "noticeable" to the average Joe because let's face it, most current MTS12S owners have NEVER touched their stock settings, and may not even know how (at least that's the impression I get from reading various board posts). If Skyhook is doing all the "work" of figuring this stuff out for you, then you don't need to muck with it yourself. Arguably that won't give the "fast guys" the exact ride they're looking for (i.e. the guys who know how they want their bike set up for track days, touring days, etc), but it should be "good enough" for their target market, who according to the demographics are the middle-aged (plus) guys who want 150HP, but in an ergonomic package that won't have them hobbling into the office on Monday morning.

Also, interesting comment re. BMW. I had forgotten that BMW was also using the new SACHS active-suspension technology in their new ESA-clad machines. Ducati with Skyhook catering more to the Starbucks crowd, or is BMW getting their freak on and feeling all sassy with their new 125HP waterhead?

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