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No arguments on buying a Fluke... but... The lower end Flukes are Chinese made.. take that for what it's worth.

Before buying a meter, ask youself what you will use it for. High voltage?? If so spend some money and get a Fluke!
General electronics use? Hah! I bought a Uni-T UT61-E (Chinese) meter that claimed 22,000 point accuracy (it reads to 5 decimal places). Guess what, it IS that freaking accurate, I had it checked against the school's calibration equipment. How much was it? $58. The biggest downside is that it's high voltage protection, while good, isn't the best.... But it does have very good explosion protection!

There are a number of lower cost meters on the market that meet or exceed the lower cost Fluke meters and will do just fine for home use.

Just skip any meter from Habor Freight. Even the best one they carry only uses the little glass automotive type fuses and the housings have NO explosion protection... You may not thing it's important, but it really is!

A good general use meter is the Extech EX330. Really good voltage protection, accurate and tough... and cheap!
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