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The standard model has a rear wing and the Sport model has a chrome grab rail also with back rest for the pillion and they are
interchangeable between the sport model and standard model as well. The rear wing works a whole lot better if you decide to
add a top box (or milk crate if that is all you can get) to your Reflex. In fact just about all of the parts are interchangeable except
when it comes to different model years. 2004 through 2007 have a higher output electrical generating system with a larger stator
along with a larger case cover for it along with a different voltage regulator/rectifier. I can not say with certainty whether or not
that the wiring harness connector is the same in that area. My guess is that it would be. It could probably be discerned by
looking at the wiring schematic. (Gee, I have 3 and soon maybe 4 Reflex scooters, but never have needed to be concerned about
that and so I have not checked into it.)

The other difference would be between ABS and non-ABS Reflexes. The wiring harness IS different with wiring and connectors
for the ABS sensors and braking modulator and the ABS warning light located up with the tachometer whereas the non-ABS
does not have the extra wiring and the different ABS brake plumbing.

Any other differences are mostly cosmetic ie; sport with chrome grab rail, standard with rear "wing" On the sport, an open
chrome handlebar and mirrors, the standard has a plastic handlebar cover and black mirrors. The sport has a chrome side stand
and the standard has a plain black side stand. Sport model has a short windscreen with a tall windscreen on the standard
model. For both models, the wheel color is either silver or a very dark gray, almost black. The inner box, floor step/tank tunnel,
underside cover and lower front cover were a dark gray for some models, but most are just black. I have also noticed a slight
difference in seat cover texture. Most with a smooth pebble texture and some with a sort of "ostrich skin" texture (for lack of a
better term)

Common issues: Some folks will end up ruining the 17mm oil drain plug by tightening too tight and stripping it by using other
than a 6 point wrench or socket.

Rust in the tank along with the fuel filter getting plugged up with rust sometimes will eventually happen when condensation
occurs from a less than full tank, usually during long term storage.

Overfilling the oil will soak the air cleaner when it gets sucked up from crankcase venting. The bike should be set on a level
surface and on the center stand when filling with oil. The dipstick is just inserted till it stops, but not screwed in when checking
oil level. And actually best if oil is filled to just less than completely full to help prevent air cleaner from getting oil soaked and
reducing performance.

The rubber tube between the carb and intake manifold can leak extra air into the system making it lean and rough running or not
at all if is old, dry and cracked.

The 2004 through 2007 models have a better more capable charging system. Charging system for "01", "02" and "03" models is
adequate for the bike, but problems WILL arise if overloaded with accessories more than the system can keep up with. The
usual eventual failure there is stator burnout.$$$$

Mostly, these issues are preventable with diligent care and attention. Having a proper service manual makes it so much easier to
keep and maintain your Reflex and well worth the investment.
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