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Another thing to note, a lot of Yugo (and Czech) gunsmiths and machinists of the era were schooled in post war Germany. The equipment was also German built. Whereas, Bulgarians, Romanians and Poles were schooled by the Russians. *

* - citation needed.
True, and likely why they kept the 8mm for their flavor for the "squad marksman rifle"

You also have to remember that Tito was no real big fan of Stalin, and was not going to just fall into line with what the ussr wanted.....they actually did have a battle plan if the same kind of thing went down that happened in Hungray in 1956....Tito made it real clear that would not happen in his country. Soviets knew it would not be a walk in the park with all those crazy slavs so they more or less left them alone.

I have an M57 and the fit and finish on that pistol is pretty darn nice....something that you would see in a store and you would think could be made today....a very well made hand gun.
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