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Originally Posted by TwilightZone View Post
>"OK gents! I need your suggestions on some decent boot socks that have good cushioning in the heels to prevent blisters and that provide some moisture wicking capabilities."

IMHO: Wear two pair of socks. Learned that long ago when backpacking.
Inside wicking (comfort), Outside pair cushioning.

Cheap and it works for me.
I have tried this too, from waaaaay back in my boot camp days. The issue again is to have a inner sock that is thin enough and that wicks properly. I have yet to find that perfect combination. Thanks for the reminder!

The Aerostich CBT boots that I wear are super heavy duty, thick leather. Even though I were these boots every day, some times all day long, and for over 6 they are fairly well broken in...if I get a sucky pair of socks the heel will start to rub. If I get a better pair of socks all is well in the world. Its not the boots, I have the same thing occur with other work boots.
Maybe my feet sweat more than most.
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