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Help! Drill/modify an oil filter for a pressure gauge sender?

Hi all,

I'm looking to fit an oil pressure gauge to my 950. After a chat with a KTM contact of mine, I arranged an order of a special oil filter cover with a sender line build in, apparently used on the rally bikes. Real neat piece of kit, except as you can see below (new cover on the left, stock on the right), the inside of the cover has a proud section of tube that looks like it should slot into an oil filter....except as you can see, the 950 normal filter has no hole. As such, the cover won't bolt on.

My hairbrained scheme is:

  • salvage the rubber sealing ring from the old filter (which fits snugly onto the internal pipe from the new cover),
  • drill a hole in the sealed metal end of the new filter
  • install the sealing ring on that hole (fluid-tight with silicone sealant or something), making a 'straight-through passage to the sender line, allowing the new cover to fit on and 'plug in' to the oil system.
Assuming I seal the rubber ring properly, I can't see how this allowing dirty oil to mix with clean, and being right after the pump, it should give a good pressure reading, yes?

But if this is a terrible idea and someone can see any impending disasters (dashboard oil volcanoes?) with this plan, I'm all ears.

And thankyou in advance, but I do know about the other oil sender fitting locations, but I've decided to go with this one.
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