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Thank you for the excellent information!

Originally Posted by StuartV View Post
I got a set just last week. I rode from SF to Sacramento with my MP Kevlar Racing gloves on, arriving right at dark. The temps were down to around 50. Stayed for about 30 minutes, then rode back to SF with the MP Winter gloves on. Temps were down to 45 on the way back.

My thoughts on them:

- These have the same single point of discomfort as my Kevlar Racing gloves. There is a seam that I can feel that runs on the palm side of my hand between my thumb and first finger. I.e. itís right where my hands contact the handlebars. Not such a big deal when Iím riding my GS as I rarely have any real weight on my hands on that bike. But, Iíve had my Kevlar Racing gloves for 6 or 8 months now, I think, and they still cause me discomfort in that spot when Iím riding my sportbike. I did a couple of days on track at Laguna at the beginning of October. By the second day I had completely switched from wearing my Alpinestars GP Pro gloves to wearing the Kevlar Racing gloves on the track. But, after a day of hard braking, I would get off the bike after each track session with very sore spots on both hands right there between my thumb and first finger.
- The ring fingers on the Winter gloves are a little too long and the pinky fingers are way too long. The pinkies could probably lose Ĺ an inch and still have more than enough room.
- For me at least, the extra gauntlet length of the Winter glove gives no advantage over the gauntlet length of the Racing glove, and it has one particular disadvantage. Between the length and the bulk, I donít think thereís any way to wear the Winter gloves inside my jacket sleeve. Wearing them outside my jacket sleeve is okay on my GS, where my forearms ride roughly parallel to the ground. But, again, when Iím riding my sportbike, I would like to be able to have the glove gauntlets inside the sleeves of my waterproof jacket or liner. Otherwise, because my forearms are angled downwards when riding a sportbike, riding in the rain means water will run down my sleeves and into the inside of the gloves. Honestly, I donít know anybody who rides in the cold whose jacket sleeves and insulating layers donít extend all the way to the wrist. So, I donít see any need whatsoever for the gauntlet portion of the glove to have any insulation. If it were shorter and thinner, I could tuck it inside my sleeve and stay warm and dry.
- The Winter gloves actually donít seem very much warmer than my Racing gloves. At least, not nearly as much as I expected considering that they have a windproof liner AND insulation.

My conclusion is, if Motoport offered a version of the Kevlar Racing gloves that were identical to what they are now, but with the addition of a waterproof/breathable liner, I would choose those over the Winter gloves, no question. I already have a Warm n Safe Gen WP jacket liner and socks. If the Waterproof Racing gloves were ever not warm enough on their own, I would much rather add the WnS heated glove liners than ride with the extra bulk of the Winter gloves. And the Waterproof Racing gloves would also be what Iíd wear in warm weather, when it rains. In fact, a waterproof version of the Kevlar Racing gloves would probably just be my one and only gloves.

As it stands, despite how negative the above may have sounded, I like the Winter gloves and am keeping them. My g/f's dogs chewed up my previous pair of insulated/waterproof gloves (which were $45 Alpinestars Drystars that were several years old, so it wasn't a complete tragedy), so I needed something. And the Kevlar Winter gloves do fit really well (except the two too long fingers). The Kevlar Racing gloves are surprisingly warm, which I guess is why the Winter gloves don't seem that much warmer. The Winter gloves are definitely Low Bulk, for an insulated glove. And being stretchy and Kevlar means they fit well with or without glove liners and should last pretty much forever.

All that said, if you already have some waterproof gloves, then you might consider just getting the Warm n Safe electric glove liners. You can use them with your MP "summer" gloves (which I'm assuming are the Kevlar Racing gloves) when it's not raining (and maybe even when it is raining!) and use them with your waterproof gloves when it is raining. That will be a warmer AND cheaper solution than buying the Winter gloves.
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