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Originally Posted by brandonmccann View Post
I went and measured my legs. The highest point of my legs is (roughly)between 31 and 32 inches. With my boots, I have an added height of about 2 inches(I measured without). The seat height for the 2009 shiver 750 is nearly 32 inches. Do you think I'd be able to flat foot it? I figure I fore sure could if I lowered the rear end a bit with either a different shock or the ShiverLowering Kit from Soupy's performance. With additionally lowering the front forks to compensate?
Look at the lable inside your pants - there should be a tag with a size there. It should read something like 34-30, 36-32 or even 42-30. The first number should be your waist size, in inches, and the second number will be your inseam length (the number that is important here). I have a 30" inseam, and have ridden dirt bikes all of my life. I still do not like super tall, heavy bikes, like the DRZ's. One poster here had it right when he said that height does not matter much, if the bike is light. Bikes that are tall *and* heavy will give you problems. I am considering a V-Strom 1000, even though I read all about their tall seat height and top heaviness. When I actually sat on one, the suspension dropped a bit, and I sank into the foam a bit, and it wasn't bad at all
If you are really set on an adventure style bike, I would suggest the V-Strom 650, or a new BMW 700.
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