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Originally Posted by chambersc View Post
So since any aftermarket exhaust for this is essentially made of "unobtanium" and can no longer be bought new, I am looking at options for running a dual slip on set up. I think I will keep my factory head pipes and try to scour up some used dual slip ons that I can modify the mid-pipe to work.

Been eyeballing Hayabusa slip ons on eBay. My old 1994 ZX-11D also had dual exhaust. Any other good suggestions out there you guys can think of for finding a set of used slip ons that could be modified to work with my exhaust?

Get in contact with Delkevic. Their exhausts are very inexpensive but not terrible quality. Plus they are not too loud and IMO are some of the best sounding on the market. You could probably buy a couple of slip-ons from them and figure out a way to to use some mid pipes/etc to get it all hooked up. I bet they'd help you out.

I ran a Delk on my '95 for a year before a deal on a used Staintune came along I couldn't pass up.
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