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Thanks for the info
It will be sometime in 2014. I have started looking into the gap crossing and it looks like it will be interesting to say the least. I have had concers about Guatemala among other things. I want to experience Mexico but obviously I will have to move quickly. I was hoping to find a route that would be beautiful and allow me to experience the culture but could also get me through at a reasonable speed.

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Plenty of route planning info on this thread and on the route planning thread.

Simple answer:
Go to AAA.
Get Mexico Map.
Choose highway.
Head south.
Plan for the unplannned.
Don't carry US expectations about how far you will go on a given day with you.

Don't know when you are planning on leaving but it is a bit late to plan for South America now. It will be getting towards fall/winter by the time you get there. Snows down there. In making these plans there is always the daunting task of how you are going to deal with the Darien Gap. Have you gotten that far yet? Fairly serious obstacle... but before that there is Central America... esp. Guatemala. If you are concerned about safety in Mexico you need to talk to a few Mexicans about safety in Guatemala. As far as planning route through Mexico after you get your AAA map and while you are waiting for your Guia Roji to arrive in the mail look at cities on the AAA map and use the thread search tool here and you will come up with comments about those places. Search radioman's thread for Mexico place names. This website is a very rich resource. Get yourself a Rough Guide to Mexico although the free AAA guide will give you plenty of good information.

At risk of jeers from the peanut gallery I have to tell you that I was more than a bit afraid before I took off on this adventure in Mexico, and I had been here before. The scariest thing you will do on a day to day basis is to get on the motorcycle. No shit! There is no one way to peel this onion. Find things in the travel books that interest you and plan point to point. If you just want to blast your way through there are the cuotas, toll roads, and you will go fast, dole out a lot of pesos and see a lot of Mexican tandem rigs... you won't see or experience Mexico... the cuotas are mostly good roads, you can do 80 or nintety or 100, all day and then pull into the outskirts of a moderately sized Mexican city and stay at a Euro style hotel, eat at the nearby Burger King, drink a fucking Corona, and say you have traveled in Mexico... absolutely true.... but you will never have been to Mexico.
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